Quality Handmade Chocolates

Lloyds Chocolatiers are always looking to add or update our exciting range of chocolates.

As such, we do not provide information on each chocolate in our boxes as this would be far too restrictive for us.

Instead we keep an up to date list of all our chocolates and their ingredients on the PDF link found below.

For our current full range of chocolates, please click the downloadable link found here:  PDF link to full ingredients list.

If you require any additional information, or if you are having trouble downloading the PDF document please contact us by clicking here

We have also included a quick reference guide to the cocoa solids and milk solids contained within our chocolates.


Dark Chocolate: Cocoa solids 72% minimum

Ruby Chocolate: Cocoa solids 47% minimum; milk solids 27% minimum

Milk Chocolate: Cocoa solids 40% minimum; milk solids 19% minimum

White Chocolate: Cocoa solids 35% minimum; milk solids 22% minimum

*Please note that all of our chocolates are handmade to order and this will affect delivery time by up to three working days.